ComfortLuxe Inflatable Body Pillow for Travelers, Campers, & Backpackers

ComfortLuxe Inflatable Body Pillow for Travelers, Campers, & Backpackers

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Comfort: Fit for A King

Designed for side sleepers, our body pillow is a travel sized version of your body pillow at home. However, we guarantee it'll provide the support you need for a good night’s sleep. Measuring 28 inches x 11 inches when inflated, it’s just big enough to fit most people (even our 6’6” founder).

No, it isn’t the size of a home body pillow. However, if you give it a chance it works great. And, if you’re unhappy, we’ll take a return with no questions asked because your satisfaction is our number 1 guarantee.

Pint Sized Package. Full Sized Comfort

Stop messing around with travel pillows better suited to children, and upgrade your sleep! With just a few puffs of your breath, you can have 4-inches of pillow at your disposal, making it thicker and longer than any travel pillow on the market. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has for you.

Tough on the Inside. Soft on the Outside.

Our ComfortLuxe pillow is designed for customers who prioritize comfort. We opted for a tough TPU inner air bladder, wrapped in luxurious cotton with a thin layer of padding. This makes it incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin, while still packing down to the size of a 12 ounce beer! 

Our story:

We didn’t set out with the intention of starting a business. We're travelers and outdoor enthusiasts like you. However, leaving our body pillow at home always made these trips a bit challenging. So, we jumped at the opportunity to solve that problem. It required some compromises, but thanks to this pillow, us and countless other travelers have been able to sleep better on the go, and you will to. We guarantee it, so buy yours today!